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Tips to keep creative in this accelerated world

By: Jill Stribling

  • Stop making excuses. They hold you back!
  • Stop letting fears rule your life.
  • Be a scientist… they fail more than they succeed, and they keep up. Science is trial and error!
  • Stop listening to the voice of others: especially about your parenting, your choice in schools, your choice in virtually anything!
  • Most people are projecting their own fears and shortcomings when they judge you!
  • Stop thinking that you have to sacrifice FUN to be a parent.
  • Love your job and go to work thankful that you have one everyday.
  • Stop trying to make your children learn in the same system you did.
  • Stop thinking that learning and school has to be boring! Strive for curiosity and wonder for your children because it will take them farther in life…
  • Stop sacrificing your professional and personal happiness because life is short and you want your kids to learn to be risk-takers and resilient and happy to go to work! Autoliderazgo is what we want for our children (meaning: I am the best version of myself, I try hard (and fail), I am a positive member of any community).
  • If we model loving our relationship with work and life and our kids will do the same!

Healthy community habits starts at home!