English For Fun

A fun and effective method to learn English

English for Fun is an American educational center where, through English, we train our students in empathy, respect and adaptability to compete and be prepared for the changing world of the 21st century. Students develop all kinds of activities in English, work on their strengths and increase their self-esteem.

Our team of teachers are multicultural, committed and highly educated in pedagogy. We create an environment that facilitates the individualized learning of the child.

We think that educating and learning is fun (Fun). Our methodology, based on the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia, is proprietary, active and encourages children to play, feel, explore and discover; that speaking English is for them something natural, fun and spontaneous.

We empower children and families and teach them to develop communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, decision making and cognitive flexibility.

100% of our students enter the best schools in Madrid and abroad because their opportunities increase when they develop their potential.

Instead of frustrated adults who hate their work, a product of traditional education, English for Fun creates adults ready to confront with confidence and joy the challenges of the uncertain and changing world that awaits us.