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Easter Camp is here and we want to reward the loyalty of our customers

We have already told you that the 2019 Easter Camp is near. What we have not told you is that we want to take the opportunity to reward the loyalty of our customers so, if you bring a new student to our camp we will give you €30 discount on your next purchase of English For Fun.

On the other hand, if you bring a new student to enroll in our preschool we will give you €100 discount on your next purchase.

In addition, we have a spring offer for all those who register in our activities before March 31st. For you, the 5 days of Easter camp, as well as the week of the summer camp, will cost €250.

Spring is here, Easter is here and your children will have unforgettable days with us in English.

What activities will we do in the Easter camp?

– Cooking. Our little ones will learn to be great chefs.

– Crafts. It is a means that we use to develop the themes in a creative way. We encourage the imagination of children.

– Education through S.T.E.A.M. This year, we want to focus on students developing curiosity more than ever. We will do the experiments that every child dreams of doing in different areas such as Science, Art, Engineering and, even, technology. Who needs magic when there is Science? (Well, we also like magic!)

– Also, we know that you are working or that maybe you have a few days off and you want to rest a little more. Therefore, we extend our regular schedules so that your children have fun and learn in our schools. In this schedule we will do activities as varied as gardening, yoga, to workshops of S.T.E.A.M.

–We teach our key to success: fun.

Apart from learning and fun, what do parents get? Tranquility. Children will learn English, not only to present an exam, but for life. They will receive a special EFF backpack with a uniform for the camp and a bottle for water.

And we almost forgot it. At the end of each week they will present a show in which they will show the hard and fun work they have done during the week, but on a stage. And, we insist, everything in English.