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Jill Stribling developed a method for children to learn English in a fun, yet fast way.  In implementing her method over the years at English for Fun, she realized that the method ultimately can work for everybody, regardless of their age.  It turns out that adults also enjoy having fun while learning!

The two options we have available for adults are as follows:

  • For parents – come to class at the same time as your kids
  • For everyone – Personalized, individual courses tailored to your needs

Our methodology is communicative and student-centered.  Students learn about personally relevant topics through authentic materials such as short films, news reports, and magazines.

They plan projects, participate in debates, and write compositions under the close guidance of a highly-trained, native teacher.  Real-life experiences are an integral part of the course.

For example, a class may choose and follow a recipe, or prepare and conduct an interview.  We regularly provide structured opportunities for students to apply vocabulary and grammar to authentic situations.  Our students make progress because they live the language!

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