About English for Fun

Jill Stribling (B.A. in Psychology and Pedagogy, Master’s degree in Education from California University, and more than 20 years of experience in early education) is the founder of English for Fun.


English for Fun was essentially born back in the 1990’s while Jill was directing a highly successful language acquisition program for the Los Angeles Department of Education that was designed specifically for immigrant children.  The program ultimately expanded beyond Los Angeles and spread all over the US.


Jill decided to move to Spain 15 years ago, and taught first grade at the American School of Madrid for five years, where she quickly became acutely aware of an immense need for a quality, effective, alternative way of learning English, as well as a profound, rightful sense of urgency among the local populace to do so.


She consequently developed the English for Fun method, and officially began implementing it with just one student at her own home in 2008.  As word spread, she quickly found herself serving 70 students, and needed to expand.  She has since founded her own academy and preschool complete with camps, and other specialty courses.  This year alone more than 1,000 students will benefit from the English for Fun method.


Jill is proud of the hard work, consistency, and sacrifice that were necessary to make English for Fun, and her own dreams a reality.

More About Us

Jill Stribling

Dear families:

Thank you for exploring the world of bilingualism with your children! Bilingualism raises your self-esteem. Nothing feels better than the ability to communicate in two languages. It creates a sense of confidence and freedom that affects all aspects of our lives. Furthermore, speaking a second language is no longer an option, but an obligation. It is impossible to survive without speaking both English and Spanish. Conversely, anyone who speaks both Spanish and English fluently is ready to “take over the world”.


The fundamental rule of language acquisition is that the child needs to play in the language in order to develop fluency. Children should learn English naturally, just as they learned their first language; this is why it is so important to use the five senses. These senses are the vehicle through which we learn our first language. The first years of contact with English should be pleasant and fun. Remember, you are opening the doors to life-long learning for your children.


Key points:
1.     Start early! It is important to learn the second language before nine years of age to best facilitate the process. It is easier at this age to acquire the correct pronunciation and gain native-speaker fluency because the muscles of the mouth and tongue are still developing.


2.     Parents and children learn together! Nothing is more important in child’s development than role models, in all aspects of life. Studying English alongside your child is the best way to send the message that learning English is important.


3.     Watch television in English. Since 2012, all children’s television shows have been available in English. If you want to watch television or movies, watch it in English! Children will be motivated to learn English if they are interested in what is happening on television.


4.     Look for fun activities in English to do outside of school. This might include storytelling sessions, parties, trips to an English-speaking country, original-version movies, or even better, a trip to the theater. If their only contact with English involves sitting in a classroom listening to a grammar lesson, they will reject the language.


5.     Native speakers. Having a native model for learning a language is crucial if children are going to acquire a correct pronunciation from the beginning.


6.     Language learning shouldn’t be a punishment. Punishment should never be used as a means of forcing a child to learn a second language, because this creates fear and anxiety.


7.     Qualified teachers. It is extremely important that the person teaching your children is trained as a teacher… and especially important that they are trained in language teaching. Just because someone speaks English, even as a native speaker, does not mean that they are qualified to teach English.


I firmly believe that we are creating a better world through your children. We are changing lives at English for Fun and we take our work very seriously. We are a team (family, school, English for Fun). Thank you all for your support!



Best wishes,


Jill Stribling

Founder and Leader – English for Fun

What Parents Say

About Our Preschool

“Sobre nuestros summer camps: Experiencia extraordinaria, totalmente recomendable. Como todo lo que se hace en EFF es estupendo. Nuestra hija está absolutamente feliz en la guardería y en los Camps de EFF. Además del idioma, EFF le proporciona las herramientas perfectas para desarrollar, favorecer y potenciar al máximo todo lo bueno y especial que lleva dentro!”

Ruth, madre de Miranda

“Estamos muy felices con este centro. Nuestra hija viene feliz y se va contenta. Aprende, disfruta y sabemos que es muy querida”.

Ana e Ignacio, padres de Marina

“Estamos muy contentos con la calidad y entrega de los profesores. Se esfuerzan mucho en buscar actividades estimulantes para los niños y los tratan con mucho cariño y atención”.

Cristina y Julio, padres de Jorge

“Estamos encantadas con la escuela, con la atención tan personalizada y el ambiente familiar. La evolución de la niña es increíble: exploradora, creativa, autónoma, capaz de compartir y ya bilingüe con casi dos años! Nuestra hija es feliz y nosotras también. Marina aprende cosas nuevas cada día y nosotras con ella”.

Rosa y Azucena, madres de Marina

About Our After-school Enrichment Program

“Alfonso passed his Grade 3 Trinity exam!  This is an important achievement for us, as well as for him.  He worked very hard in terms of taking on this exam, and in spite of knowing that everything would be just fine had he not passed, he understood the importance of at least trying – that being said, having passed the test truly helped with his self-esteem! This small, yet significant accomplishment, was very much achieved in part thanks to all of you!

Elena, Alfonso’s mother

“I’m writing to express my infinite gratitude for the absolutely delightful treatment that we received over these past five years — you are all highly dedicated.  Our children always happily entered class at EFF (and it’s a really big deal to be able to manage to make kids who are coming in from a 9-5 school schedule happy to do two additional hours of English).  The teachers couldn’t possibly be more patient or joyful.  Amazing.  You guys do fantastic work.” 

Beatriz, Isabel, Inés and Ignacio’s mother

“The teachers are extremely caring, and you can be confident that your children are in great hands while learning English.”

Sonia, madre de Sofía

About Our Urban Camps

“Two of my children have been taking classes at English for Fun for several years, and they also attend summer and winter camp. Each of them speak English on a different level, yet they are all highly confident when it comes to speaking English.  They watch cartoons in English at home, and always happily arrive at EFF for class in spite of having already gone through a full day of school.  My youngest child was about two, and we were extremely surprised by how naturally he speaks English with his teachers.  He even constructs some fairly complex sentences.  It’s evident that they are comfortable, and having fun learning without even noticing that they are studying — in a truly natural way.”

Teresa, madre de Gonzalo y Miguel

“English for fun offers students full English language immersion in a quality English-speaking environment that makes children feel right at home.”

Ana, Manuela’s mother 

“It is a place where children truly have a great time, and where they learn to comfortably express themselves in public with confidence.”
Nerea, Alex’s mother
“My children always go to camp happy, they do many different activities and not even a second to get bored.  They always fondly recall their experience in camp, and the camp itself has helped them to become more independent and confident.”
Ana, Hugo and Lorena’s mother
“Thank you for you work and the wonderful time Elisenda had at the Summer Camp. She enjoyed doing every single activity and has been very close and happy with her teachers. Congratulations for your incredible work!”
Elvira, Elisenda’s mother


English for Fun’s learning method is also adapted for those children with hearing loss, sight or speech disabilities. The results are evident and positive; our method works!


Over the years we have been working with great satisfaction with Fundación Adecco to teach children with hearing loss and cochlear implants.

Focus on childhood cancer

English for Fun contributes in the fight against the horrors of childhood cancer. Through a scholarship, children from Fundación Aladina are offered the possibility of having a great experience at English for Fun.  At “Hospital Niño Jesús” we have set up our workshops, which children enjoy quite thoroughly. Throughout the year, we hold several events at which we do some raffling in order to contribute economically to cancer research.

Difficult times

Our scholarships are also given to those children who are going through a difficult economic situation.